Procurement And Brokerage

We are strategically positioned to meet our clients’ needs in procuring, brokering business activities/needs, facilitating sales/purchases both locally and globally that otherwise can be cumbersome and risky without professional help. Our goal is to step in for our clients to do a holistic due diligence with a professional touch while protecting their interests and managing the risks.

Logistics And Supply Chain

Logistics is one of the most difficult part of business activities, events management and service delivery to outsource while maintaining service quality or reliability and avoiding disruptions and disappointments.

‘Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.’ Paul J. Meyer

At Elizbod we absorb you of the need to commit, plan and focus on this area of your business or event at the most competitive cost. Outsourcing supply and delivery to professionals is the way to go, you can sit back being rest assured while focusing energy elsewhere. We can carry your company vision to your client’s doorsteps.

At Elizbod we act in representative, advisory, supervisory or monitoring capacity in supply chain applying international best practices in project management and delivery.

For us at Elizbod integrity is everything, it is that which every fibre of our fabric is made off. We are always conscious of the trust our clients repose in us and we act as their eyes, ears and mind.

Consultancy Services

We boost of a pool of experts across diverse fields relevant to giving your business the competitive edge needed in today’s world of ever evolving customer needs.

Real Estate

What we do at Elizbod is to offer you what no one else can- We give you the latest buying, selling, pricing trends and regulatory guides in investing in residential and commercial real estate. We also discuss these trends with you to match your desired prospects. Our goal is to simply allow you to enjoy the real estate process and have you win in the end.

We collaborate with major real estate companies in Nigeria to give our clients an array of options to suit their needs. We conduct the necessary due diligence to rid our clients of unwanted complexity in the acquisition of residential or commercial properties.

Information/Technology Management

We offer full range of information and technology management services in line with global practices and innovative delivery.

Pro Bono/CSR

Drug free advocacy, Career & Migrant counseling.